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    Topical Championship: Enoch(5) vs Runade(2) (Enoch wins)

    Two of the greatest to ever write a topical clash in possibly the best topical battle of the year. Enjoy!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nohbody
    "Release the Kraken"
    By Nohbody


    Who dare enter my chamber?
    Come attempt your blindly vaunted victory stranger, but
    Be forewarned, youíre not the first to visit this manger
    Or journey this quest that brought others to imminent danger
    Slaying this beast? Ö as if my death validates
    Any iconoclastic idea that false heroes create
    But such is fate.

    I'm irrationally feared, a creature of sizable myth
    Surviving inside of a shadow my legend widely eclipsed
    Lying dormant. Oceanic overlord quiescently perched
    Submerged on an abyssal shelf I incessantly searched
    For certain peace that often failed to emerge
    Each scale donned a scar detailing a tale that unearths
    Triumph. Battles fought that slaughtered valiant scourge
    Who tried treading my waters when battalions surged
    Various challengers, all who have tried to converge
    And died fighting for dreams I decried or diverged
    Every urge tempered by warnings in passage
    ĎNever set sail on high-seas if storms are amassing Ď
    Perhaps it would pass. This daunting task Iím assigned
    Confined to warden these oceans and casted aside
    Bind to my lair. Shackled by grief and despair
    Never touched the warmth of the sun or felt the breeze in the air
    Just here.
    In depths so deep nobody visits this segment
    Where sounds mope around liquid hat-rack rhythm sections
    Reflecting maudlin tones. Echoes melodically sung
    I understand accomplishments, but canít see the logic in some
    Grew numb while dragging this crown that I wore
    Sick of being the half galley-slave tied down to his oar
    Or the functionary badge wearing officialdom
    Who canít lift a gavel to free himself from his own idioms
    See, thatís my conundrum I quietly crafted myself
    Each victory, a coquina block masonic trap that I built
    In my stone prison walls padded with barnacle shells
    That cut flesh to the bone when Iím attempting to scale
    And be free as those sailors who clandestinely dwell
    To any nautical point of the earth their vessel can sail
    Nestled in freedom. Whilst I wrestled with hell
    & so much deadwood no amount of pruning reveals
    The pain beneath

    If itís my position you seek
    Then strike a mighty fatal blow that renders me weak
    And rule this ocean with an iron fist as violent as me
    So you can lie in the loneliness that Iíve been trying to leave
    While people whisper tales of your heroics in praise
    Chanting fables and hyms of when the Kraken was slain
    Erect a monolith in your name to remember this day
    You won.

    Now come take this baron ocean I would have given away. . .



    Quote Originally Posted by Runade

    Well-Behaved Women....

    Don't make history, or either it's seldom.
    Ever since Ulrich inadvertently sown the seeds of rebellion.

    She was seen as a hellion - made to leave 'fore she's welcomed.
    because the scenes that she shared was turning dreams into bedlam.

    Without hope, life is short. Bein' a wrecks the fate it offered forth.
    A wounded deer the world takes zealous aim to slaughter or..
    Dollars short, days late - not the reckless chase she bargained for -
    Black cats and hummingbirds, and a necklace made of sharpened thorns.

    If each stroke's a dose, she wondered - what good it'd do to laugh a lot.
    A broken column, but always stood astute like plastered rocks.
    Apologies are for the weak, but don't refute the aftershock.
    So she follows down the rabbit hole in pursuit of Jabberwocks.

    Now she's - chasing the dragon, tryna feel those distant vibes.
    With the darkness, playing tug of war, clenching her from different sides.
    She can feel the lunar pull extending from the pending tides.
    This incendiary lifestyle, it limits her from instant highs.
    The ascent is gone, descend and fall. Equipped with such a brilliant mind.
    Often - mad as a hatter, indignant as the self she sits beside.

    "Drowning in my misery's the imagery - that's what the water gave me
    and opposites attract is the song the pauper sang me"

    There's life then death, comfort, pain.
    No joy to balance sorrow if there's none to gain.

    Everyone's a critic, plenty would crucify this morbid tale.
    Controversial as the painting of the suicide of Dorothy Hale.
    A sordid trail of gore details - A few small nips, the thought of death.
    Distraught & wept, she wanted health
    but the fruits all split, as she fought for breath.

    Her hand extends in fear, the end is near
    those sobbing eyes conceal and mask her chin with tears.
    Left barren and parched, it tears her apart, she's through being - a fool.
    Through that sacrificial blood she let - her roots begin to grow...

    "She displays her soul, in She Plays Alone" - the patrons always gossip.
    Where "I'm waiting on The Bus" is always mistaken for a comment.
    Ironic how time flies, when her tale is fatally concluded,
    Yet now all we want's a chance to own a table for the wounded.

    When the mask gets lifted - THAT'S the difference! The frame begins to crack.
    She taught us to remain strong, the tree of hope is lain within our path.
    With portraits like she "thinks of death" which blatantly she had.
    She was unapologetically herself, always shamelessly but sad.

    The dream, The bed - the theme was death..
    As seen in most the scenes in-depth.
    A bid farewell - she weeps, she wept
    a key for all the secrets kept.

    Let us enjoy the dark, the poise of art until her reign is finished,
    even if we're as empty as the family portrait that still remains unfinished.

    Bask in the sun and life, have fun tonight! Throw caution to the wind.
    Before the love embrace of earth arrives and blossoms once again.

    So I bid adieu, betwixt the youth as spoken from a former Marxist,
    whose horror offered nothing but an ode to such a tortured artist.

    "Dedicated to the relatively short life of Frida Kahlo."

    Votes only please.

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    Re: Topical Championship: Enoch vs Runade

    Enoch. So. Just to clarify. Is this a Cthulu piece? Because part of me gets Cthulu. Part of me gets Davy Jones and part of me gets that it's a metaphor for your opponent. Either way, it's a dope piece. I really fucks with anything that has to do with the ocean, and I really fuck with science fiction, so this top was a double whammy for my heart. I'm glad somebody in the title match used it honestly. The writing was really good. There was only a couple lines where the wording threw me off a little but it wasn't exactly your fault, it was me being a retard with a 12th grade vocabulary. So. Reader error. I really liked how you took a left turn and instead of making the monster a savage, you made him hate his life and the way people perceive him. It was a clever twist on something I already looked forward to. Overall, a dope read. Thank you.


    Rude. Jeebus. This piece was packed full of dope spots. The Alice in Wonderland references. The wizard of Oz reference. The little direct areas. For somebody that was struggling to find motivation, you really pulled this off in my honest opinion. I'll be honest that the only reason I know who Frida is is because I wanna fuck Selma Hayek's brains out but some quick research makes it pretty easy to understand. I don't think there was really any part of this where the flow fucked up except maybe finished/unfinished bar. Seemed like lazy rhymes but the multies in those bars were dope. You seem to have this niche for writing about powerful historical women in PPV's. Think this is the second or third time I've seen you with that approach. You the feminist writer lol. Nothing bad to say about this piece at all honestly. I liked it a lot. Very fluent and easy to read. Good shit.

    This was a dope fucking battle and makes me even more mad that my opponent was AJ The Fucking Menace because I would've loved to compete with this quality of writing. One one hand. We have a really well written piece about Cthulu or Baron Mynd (depending on how you wanna look at it?) and on the other hand. . . you have a really well written piece about a female painter with insane eyebrows. One I liked more conceptually on a preference level while the other was really smooth and had some awesome references. I can honestly see this battle going either way and I hate to be the first to vote but I was really looking forward to this battle.


    Creativity -- tie. Both were awesome.

    Entertainment -- tie. both were awesome.

    Flow -- maybe Enoch? maybe a tie? I honestly dunno...

    Rhyme Scheme -- maybe Enoch? maybe a tie? I honestly dunno...

    Consistency to topic -- Enoch. I could see how the second picture could relate to Frida but the first one is a bit vague. Enoch's piece is basically a straight up attachment to his picture.

    Emotion -- Rude maybe? Enoch maybe? I dunno... Rude's you kinda feel for Frida while Enoch's you really feel for the misunderstood Cthulu Mynd.

    Imagery -- I'm thinking Enoch. Rude had a lot of punchlines in hers and imagery but his was basically a full blown narration describing the scene(s).

    Okay, so categories really didn't help me make up my mind on this like at all. I'll read them to my wife and see what she thinks.

    She likes Rude's more. After reading them again, I can def hear myself vibing with Rude's writing better. There were a few instances in Enoch's where I choked up or stuttered and that could either be the down syndrome or that could be the writing. Again, I can see this going either way but from a technical standpoint -- I think I'm gonna have to go Runade here. Dope af battle either way and good luck to both.


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    Re: Topical Championship: Enoch vs Runade(1)

    Man this is a tough call!

    I read Nohbody’s piece and I’m feeling it the entire time. There’s this narrative vibe going on from start to finish that just grabs you. The concept of being this monster that other monsters may desire to take the place of - for the power and responsibility this monster holds. The vibes of refusing to pass the mantle and telling competitors to come get some basically the entire time. This aura of “I dare you” is present the whole time and I’m really digging the wording and writing and the poetic language of it. The flow stands out the most and to me it feels like you’ve reached this point in your writing where flow is secondary to your thoughts as it becomes this effortless thing and you’re able to focus on the narrative and the story in a bigger way than most writers around these parts. So for your ability to combine your writing skills in these ways I admired what I was reading here. My only complaint is that I wanted more from it. Some bigger point to the idea than where it landed. It felt like a big description of the picture and I wanted to think more after reading what you had to say on the picture. There was a lot of cool lines and great phrasing, but I really wanted something else from it and I’m not even sure what it was ya know? It’s a great read start to finish though. Seriously a hall of fame worthy piece.

    Rude, this is the first thing I’ve EVER read of yours to my knowledge, and I’m kind of blown away honestly. I saw the structure coming in and was dreading the long bar style thinking “man this isn’t going to flow” but jeez was I wrong! The flow was masterful and had a way about it that carried me through. I could tell you knew your stuff from the moment I actually started reading the words and feeling the pauses and breaks between flows as they connected each idea. There were a lot of cool moments where the sense of empowerment and the vibe of a battle between life and death going on inside this woman really strike you. The heaven and hell vibes without the heavy mentions of heaven and hell. The constant back and forth to ideologies from good and bad, Black cats and hummingbirds…darkness and light…the balancing of calm and peace vs chaos and destruction…there’s a lot going on with this piece and I really enjoyed it because I myself have always been a sucker for the yin and the yang, the rise and the fall, the heat and the cold. You take that and expand on it here in such an emotional way, adding this personal reflective. It feels like you’re reading a true battle of the toxic mind. Fear and instilled cultural ideology infecting this woman’s happiness. I enjoyed it thoroughly! My biggest complaint was that it read, at times, too much like a slam poetry piece and the pauses didn’t seem necessary. The flow would be thrown off by dashes or words that felt like they cut an otherwise amazing thought off. But that’s me reaching really hard for something I didn’t like and is so minuscule to the overall piece.

    Thank you both for the reads! This is definitely a contender for battle of the PPV 100% in my mind. I’m struggling to pick the winner here even. My thoughts are the person who left my brain reeling and thinking the most gets the win because both drops were good. I came away from Nohbody’s wanting 30-40 more lines and a new direction. But I came away from Rude’s with a mind full of ideas and concepts that inspired me to want to create something on the same level…there can only be one winner, so for that I’m going to give the edge to…

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    Re: Topical Championship: Enoch vs Runade(2)

    Creativity-- Rude. I definitely feel like both were imaginative. I just feel like Rude took more creative liberties with her approach.
    Entertainment-- See vote summary.
    Flow--Enoch. Both were polished, and I really had to nitpick to decipher a winner. For me, Enoch's was just 1% smoother of a read.
    Rhyme Scheme-- Tie. Really, in terms of complexity, you both, as always put down exactly what you needed to to carry your verse.
    Consistency/Topic-- Enoch. Both were consistent. What edges this for Enoch was simply personal preference. He took a slight more linear approach to his narration, whereas Rude took and more surreal approacb. Both were executed masterfully, I just prefer Enochs.
    Emotion-- Rude. Slight edge. Both developed their character superbly, but Rude's focal point was easier to rekate to.
    Imagery-- Enoch. I think his topic definitely gave him a leg up in this category. That said, every line expertly evoked mental pictures of the watery abyss.

    Ridiculously close battle, and I coukd easily see it go either way. Definitely closer then the cat chart suggest. For me, the biggest factor was the narrative approach. Kudos to two of the best to ever do it. Sorry Im late to the polls.

    Vote-- Enoch.

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    Re: Topical Championship: Enoch(1) vs Runade(2)

    @Baron X @Ness where are you on votes? If neither of you vote on this by Thanksgiving then the bridge is burnt and you'll both be DQ'd. Y'all wanted this to happen so badly but can't even vote on the most important Topical battle of the event (let alone any other battle).

    If these two don't vote on this by Thanksgiving, then I'm afraid we'll have to settle with a 2-1 winner.

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    Re: Topical Championship: Enoch(1) vs Runade(2)

    Okay, I owe some of this league some feedback in the OM section, but I see this needs votes. Battles have deadlines, so I'll check this champ match out.

    Release the Kraken:
    You sir, made me look up 3 words. That's impressive, normally only 143 does that to me. haha. This was a cool piece, throughout I was wondering to myself what this was depicting, you littered this piece with hints of who the narrator was. It was so well written, I was immensely enjoying following your schemes and your vocabulary choices. Then came the final stanza, when I read "
    And rule this ocean with an iron fist as violent as me," I thought to myself, 'dude... is he voicing the kraken!?' and three lines later, my guess had paid off as correct. This reveal makes me rethink the rest of the piece and now I will read it once more. Upon scrolling back to the top I realize that the reveal wasn't in the final stanza, it was in the title... which I didn't notice. So I had a different experience reading this than you intended. Oh man, even better read the second time through. The first time I thought maybe it was a story about Atlantis and Poseidon, or maybe a whale. The second read, knowing it was a kraken, being able to visualize everything better. You tapped into the kraken's inner thoughts and emotions as though you became him. You personified and humanized a monster, a creative piece, very well written. My only dislike is the ell/ail scheme, I've never understood the rhyme, perhaps it's in my Canadian accent that I don't see SELL and SAIL as the same sound, but I digress and concede that hip hop in general seems to agree it's a rhyme. Awesome read.

    Well-Behaved Women:
    You also taught me something, I have always thought the stitching SEW and the gardening SOW were both spelled as SEW. Didn't know they were two different words. Cool. I'm trying to decide if your writing style is familiar to me, I'm curious if you're an alias of someone I know. Possibly someone who helped me develop my craft. As I read this, part of me wonders if it's a queen plotting to kill her husband, admittedly it usually takes me a couple reads to grasp the concept, the first read I'm too focused on the rhyme schemes and structuring. Then the references to Alice in Wonderland made me think this could have been a dark revisiting of that story. Then I see your quotes referencing what could be movies or books and I realize I have no idea who this piece is about but it's cool. Okay so the end comes and you reveal the name of the person. I've never heard of them so I go to wikipedia. I've never heard of the Mexicayotl movement, either. Damn, interesting stuff, tragic. Okay, so just like your opponent's piece I will read yours once again after learning a little more about Frida. Okay so this time around I was following the story and picturing her frailty, I thought you painted the picture well. I really like your vocabulary usage, kept finding myself saying "oo good word." I thought you did a great job with your subject, very well written.

    It's an absolute shame this champ match has received so little attention. It deserves 5x the votes or more.

    Champ matches always come down to trivial things. Both writers tackled their subject matter masterfully. This is where my vote comes down to, the kraken piece was like a badass movie that I could see being in a theater. The piece about the tortured activist-painter I could see as an interesting documentary on netflix.

    This comes down to bias for me, I do not give a rat's ass about an activist, unless her name is Rosa Parks and Outkast is making a funky song about her. However, the deep sea, monsters of the deep sea, the kraken especially has always been enthralling to me. I personally was more captivated by the story of the mythical creature.

    My vote goes to "Release the Kraken"

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    Re: Topical Championship: Enoch(2) vs Runade(2)

    let me start off by saying I love this matchup, you two are both in my top 5 favorite writers so I'm genuinely looking forward to reading these and seeing what y'all came with

    Enoch -

    Okay first of all idk if I'm just dumb tired or high or something but this definitely resonated in a way that either wasn't intended or was so cleverly put in there that no one else really caught it. Was this all a fucking metaphor/reference for you being at the pinnacle of topicals on dying forums and essentially being the main target / opponent the few writers still left are gunning for? And that you're losing interest in it all? I know that sounds crazy and im not gonna get crbut hear me out on this for a second. (the following isnt necessarily feed, just me making my case so i dont sound like im losing it)

    enter my lair/ not the first to visit this manger/ imminent danger =/= you've been in title matches before and won so you're talking your shit cause you know you can back it up
    See, thatís my conundrum I quietly crafted myself/Each victory, a coquina block masonic trap that I built Trapped by your reputation, people see a successful writer in you because of your past the praise you receive from others so you're held to it
    That cut flesh to the bone when Iím attempting to scale/And be free as those sailors who clandestinely dwell/To any nautical point of the earth their vessel can sail /Nestled in freedom. Whilst I wrestled with hell / & so much deadwood no amount of pruning reveals Im convinced I'm right at this point, this is you saying how you're envious of 'audio heads'. I know you've been saying for a while you're getting out of/done with text and strictly doing audio now since its so much more lax and fresh to you (attempting to scale/ and be free as those sailors who clandestinely dwell) but keep getting dragged back into it "no amount of pruning reveals"
    "Now come take this baron ocean I would have given away" genuinely don't think you'd mistake barren for baron here (you unbolded to draw attention to it too). Was this a dig at Baron X (who has been forgiven) for the PPV dilemma on the other site and a reference to the forum scene being abandoned? or A dig at Baron Mynd for being one of the last notable ones left since we all know how much he cares about this since he was supposed to be your original opponent?

    I think, if I'm even partially correct that this was a fucking dope metaphor/analogy of a piece and you knocked this out of the park in all aspects. Flow, scheme, rhythm and your consistency were all spot on. This was a great drop

    *This all might be a reach honestly and if I'm totally off the mark hit me up and ill gladly feed it again disregarding this theory and taking it at face value*

    So admittedly, I don't know if this hurts my vote integrity (?) or not but I noticed some Alice in Wonderland references like the rabbit hole and the mad hatter.... I've actually never seen it so if some of those went over my head i apologize.

    On first read through i had to do a lot of googling and im glad i did. I had no idea who Dorothy Hale or Frida Kahlo were but i came to find out Frida was an artist (turns out Salma Hayek plays her in a movie and apparently i dont watch enough movies to vote topicals anymore) and based one of her most well known pieces off of Dorothy's suicide. Its dark as shit but from what i can see it matches Frida's vibe entirely. It seems her whole niche was going against the grain and on second read through i feel like you did a great job of encompassing that. Also, i very much so appreciate how you referenced some of her most famous paintings here in their own stanzas and made it fit still seemingly effortlessly. Your execution here was near flawless and you definitely proved why you deserved to be in this matchup

    Creativity-- Tie. I was back and forth on this one but realistically this hinges on if my take on Enoch's verse is correct. If it is and it is a metaphor, I think he did enough to keep up with Rude. If I completely missed the mark on it and was wrong and its just a Kraken/Cthulu piece without the double meaning, this changes to Rude taking the cat instead of a tie

    Entertainment-- Enoch. I won't lie, once i realized it potentially was an entire metaphor i was zoned in and he had my full attention as i was trying to decipher it like a riddle. Rude's kept me very entertained aswell, im giving this to Enoch though as it kept me interacting with it more

    Flow-- Enoch. Only because his read smoother for me not because Rude's was bad but rather because hers was designed for more pauses and stops at points which would have still been fine had it been the same throughout and not smooth in other parts

    Rhyme Scheme-- Tie. both writers did their thing here

    Consistency/Topic-- Enoch. I still want to give this a tie because Rude did a great job of tying her two topics together in a very smooth and uniform transition over her writing (im gonna disregard Alice as a topic here since i could have missed references that would alter the vote) but my complaint is that you couldn't read her verse as a stand alone then go look at the topic list and pick out both of them without second guessing it. With Enoch's piece though, if you read it as a stand alone and go to the topic list, you'll go right to his without a shadow of a doubt

    Emotion-- Rude. Easily my favorite cat, im always excited for this one. Rude poured the emotion from each of Frida's portraits into her piece and did them justice with the way she structured it. Enoch did very well to show the disdain and feeling of superiority from the narrator's POV but i feel like he was edged out by Rude's portrayal of Frida's passion here

    Imagery-- Tie. I feel like because he was setting one singular scene over the course of his entire verse, enoch constructed a much better overall setting for his piece to take place in and made it very easy to visualize in your mind. Rude went the more abrupt way of giving us multiple shorter segments to set the scene and envision where on first read through alone she would have lost this going off her overall setting but on second read through after seeing the portraits she was using to set her scene you can tell she did it amazingly and can still visualize each one on its own vividly as a standalone.

    Vote-- Enoch (6-4)

    @Soule ill get my other vote in soon still since you extended it to Thanksgiving. idk how many times i gotta tell you i don't pull up right away but i'll always show up, you don't have to keep @'ing me. Figured you would have learned that by now given it was the same way in the tourney you just ran on the other site (you still haven't sent me my prize $ for winning that btw)

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    Re: Topical Championship: Enoch(3) vs Runade(2)

    I hate to give feedback because I am hardly a professional and still learning... however BOTH pieces were amazing and skilled.

    Enoch - your vocab and use of multis was amazing and even in doing so the rhymes flowed effortlessly and not forced, while still painting a logical image. The imagry took me there. The kraken is a very popular tattoo and your peice finally told me why. You can tell you are a skilled writer.

    Runade - I liked the part where you compared a woman to a lunar tide. They say we even get our period according to the moon not to be too gross about it. You had great imagry but in the beginning the words seemed simple but by the end the piece dragged you in like a good book you don't want to put down. Interesting you said Mad Hatters... I'm from a small city that was a hat district and they call our teams mad hatters cause the chemicals in the factory drove you mad literally. But anyways... suicide hits home from me because I just lost 2 friends to that this past year. I loved it.

    It's hard to choose from either peice because how Runade brought you in to the piece but I believe Enoch stayed consistent and the use of multis and still it being not forced rhymes just blew it out the water for me.

    v/ Enoch
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    Re: Topical Championship: Enoch(4) vs Runade(2)

    Will be voting this morning via video as soon as I get back on PC

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    Re: Topical Championship: Enoch(4) vs Runade(2)

    @NoBody - I always liked how your pieces flow when reading it, I don’t have to read it twice also you deliver on what I was saying about not having predictable rhymes, it’s easy to go on a tangent with tion rhymes, You do not do that, I do think you overuse “big words”, using a thesaurus every now and then is fine, but it’s in a lot of your writing, I wish you would write normal sometimes without sounding like a dissertation, sometimes you try to hard when if you just wrote normal it would be a hell of a lot more enjoyable than it already was.

    In my stone prison walls padded with barnacle shells
    That cut flesh to the bone when I’m attempting to scale
    And be free as those sailors who clandestinely dwell
    To any nautical point of the earth their vessel can sail
    Nestled in freedom. Whilst I wrestled with hell
    & so much deadwood no amount of pruning reveals

    This whole section was flawless, the ending was great because you wouldn’t expect reveal in that rhyme scheme but it flows nicely.

    rude - I expected this from you the same story as enoch and you had an excellent delivery so it made it easy to read, hummingbirds, sharpened thorns hummingbirds don’t technically fit there but it flowed together nicely it’s cool how it doesn’t traditionally rhyme but you made it, with the jabberwocks scheme I like how you are not using predictable words to rhyme with, like most people would rhyme hesitate with medicate you are being more abstract with your word choices, like barron and parched / tears her a part I mean the tears her apart is predictable but barron and parched stays consistent with your overall scheme fatfully concluded, table for the wounded was really dope. Like the ending not too abrupt either as you conclude your story driving the tortured artist point home.

    This is Really Tough call

    I enjoyed the vessel can sail/wrestle with hell/pruning reveals section alot from enoch, and liked rudes ending and word choices, I think both are evenly matched but if it comes down to anything it will be the power behind the word choices and story, I think nobody edged that out.

    V/ Nobody

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    Re: Topical Championship: Enoch(4) vs Runade(2)

    Extremely close battle, and a true pleasure to read/review!

    Here is the video, 1 hour of commentary/reading, hope the information is valuable and useful!

    The video will be premiering as soon as it finishes uploading - enjoy! <3

    Spoiler Spoiler:



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