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Thread: 2 audiomack raps and a comedy podcast

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    Re: 2 audiomack raps and a comedy podcast

    What's going on with the mixing? Sounds like you've recorded all of these under water, about 6 feet from your mic. Your first one is completely inaudible to me, aside from the beat, and your second one I can barely hear you. Same goes for your podcast. I listened to the fruit one. Aside from better mixing, I'd also suggest not having your intro (I assume?) running almost a minute long. I like your voice though, you definitely have potential. Just work on mix/mastering your vocals over the beat and you'll be good.


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    Re: 2 audiomack raps and a comedy podcast

    i have failed ye as a rap star
    no actual mic and running completely out of nothing to talk about no mo

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    Re: 2 audiomack raps and a comedy podcast


    I don't know what I just listened to but I like it. I am an old GHOULARDI lover that lived in Cleveland. Honestly, this podcast is the most amazing thing I heard all year, I just can't with the ol' school monkey joke. lololol Who are you, why do you know these ol' school jokes? The background ambiance makes even more creepier. Yo, i love the pogo ball. stop, stop i'm done... This is the best thing I have ever heard on any forum! I will sample you! Much love hommie!

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    Re: 2 audiomack raps and a comedy podcast

    yo my reviews of the podcast are that the audio is terrible that it is an actual bad show.
    the material is great and should have been done correctly.

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