If you dont respect the Gun , you dont respect yourself
Only a coward would leave the hammer on the shelf.
We all care about the wealth, not so much for health
I'll make you feel the bullets once I pull it from my belt.

I Felt lost in the rainstorm, I knew who they came for
Always ready for the war, led them out the back door.
Across the street from the store, is when I let my piece roar
The 1st dude hit the floor, now I'll settle the score.
Thinking back to before, never trust a grimy whore

Send them upstairs to soar, I didnt want to take their life away.
I had to man up cock & spray, just so I can breathe today
Never bitch up & run away, gotta hold up my weight.
I'm real they are fake, here on earth they have no place

Well they do now, down in the ground.
I wasnt born to fuck around
Clown on me start ducking down
Your lucky I'm so humble now
And came out from under the darkest clouds.