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Thread: Sound Design in Python

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    Sound Design in Python

    What's good Bag

    My Dm's are still on lockdown till I post more lol. Free material for the cyphers.

    But, it is like producing wavetables with easily accessible math.
    I like using Numpy with Python because it has a large math library.
    It's also cool because it has data structures integrated in it, and it's easy to add or remove variables.

    Nice verses by the way.
    It's fun going back in forth. I think Wavve might be waiting for you to respond next lol.

    I'll get my post count up so I'm not wasting thread space.

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    Re: Sound Design in Python

    Im done. I only came here for Virb. You two just stood in front of my gun.

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    Re: Sound Design in Python

    Lol it's all in good fun. Guns don't bother us.

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    Re: Sound Design in Python

    My bad didn't realise you'd posted this, that sounds like what I've been looking for though, I've used the formula parser in serum but the formula length is limited & so are the symbols you can use. I'll look into python & numpy, cheers bro.

    Same to you too - everyone cyphering seems to have decent bars at the mo, I even thought wavve was good for a noob but just takes it all way too personally, he'll be aight once he disengages his feminine side
    My life is an open book, called 'Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved'

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